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RCAA Walkability Assessment

Download PDF Here

Overview: A Walkability Assessment and Workshop was held at Grant Elementary on Friday February 18, 2011 to observe the peak student arrival time at school and identify concerns and solutions to safety issues. Participants included members of the PTA, parents, neighbors, school principal, school board president, head of maintenance, Eureka police, Eureka Fire Chief, Eureka engineering department, Eureka City Council, Eureka Traffic Safety Commission, County Board of Supervisors, County engineering department, NRS/RCAA staff, and County Public Health. 

F Street Speed Watch

Download the Speed Watch Sheet Here

This form makes it easy to indicate the speeds you see, the times, and if you can identify the vehicle. With the Speed Watch Form, we can get extra attention for our neighborhood from the police.

It is always helpful if you can get video of speeders. If you ever have the chance to snap a picture or video of the radar speed limit sign while a vehicle is speeding, do it!

We will put out a call to collect all these sheets in the future. The best way to collect information would be to dedicate some hours just sitting and watching traffic (i.e., 3 hours at a time sitting on the sidewalk or your porch). In the future, even having all the neighbors outside of their homes along the corridor would send a message.

Flyer for Accident Corner

Get a Copy Here

Have you witnessed an accedent on F Street? This handy flyer can be given to anyone who’s experienced an accedent on Oak + F Street.

The flyer explains that the county & its representatives could be responsible for the accident, and good tips on how to proceed. 

You are welcome to use this as a template for other area of F Street.

We recommend that you have a few printed and ready for handing out immediatly.

City of Eureka 2040 GENERAL PLAN

Did you know that there is a proposed plan in place to add a stop light at F Street / Hodgson Street and H Street / Hodgson Street?

Also, F Street has been deemed a “Minor Arterial – Two to four lane high-speed, high- capacity roadways that connect regional facilities, and accommodate regional, intra-city and sub-regional travel. The primary difference between major and minor arterials is the relative importance of the roadway in serving through traffic.”

I am surprised by this because from Harris St to Willow St, the road is much more narrow than from Willow to Herrick. Have you ever noticed that?

Mobility info starts on page 131. Have a look!

City of Eureka Transportation Safety Action Plan 2015

Link to the 2015 Plan here

The Mission of the Transportation Safety Action Plan is to make Eureka safe for all modes of transportation.

The purpose of this Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP) is to improve safety for all modes of transportation in the City of Eureka. To achieve this, we are focusing on two goals: collision reduction and quality of life preservation. Our collision reduction goal is reasonable and attainable, our areas of emphasis are data supported, our strategies are defensible, and our results will be monitored to ensure continuing success.

The preservation of our quality of life is a separate goal of this plan whose objective is maintaining calm neighborhood traffic. This section identifies traffic calming measures by function, providing a matrix for addressing neighborhood concerns. Requests for reviews of this type will be heard through the Transportation Safety Commission public forum.

RCAA - Natural Resources Services

Link to RCAA here

Natural Resources Services (NRS) is a division of Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA), a private non-profit organization, based in Eureka California. NRS is committed to working with private landowners, government agencies, timber and fisheries industries, tribes, and community-based groups to promote healthy communities and healthy watersheds.

RCAA is commited to helping Rosewood neighborhood create safe & liveable access to the Henderson Center. 

Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities

Link to CRTP website

CRTP About Us

“We are dedicated to a new vision for transportation on California’s North Coast. We believe in funding transportation priorities which enhance the livability of the North Coast by protecting and supporting our unique local environment, economy and communities, while addressing the global climate crisis. We reject the outdated idea that our limited transportation dollars should be spent on building ever-wider roads.”


Street Story

Make a Report Here

Street Story is an online platform that allows you to report where you feel safe or unsafe on the street, or where you’ve had a crash or a near-miss. It’s free and easy to use, and it only takes a couple of minutes to make a report. More and more, local governments use this data when they do planning, grant applications, etc.

U.S. Department of Transportation

Link Here

Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety, Local & Rural Road Safety, Roadway Safety Data & Analysis, and more… 

Eureka Transportation Safety Committee

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

“Slow F Street,” “SLOW the Fstreet DOWN,” & No F Street Super Corridor” are a volunteer-run campaign to support neighbors in taking back control of their property and lives, while bringing awareness to those who travel through the area. The neighborhood is committed to working with the city and county to see that this residential street is made safer through education and traffic calming measures. 


Redwood Community Action Agency supports the Rosewood neighborhood in creating safe & liveable access to the Henderson Center for everyone.

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