We are a residential neighborhood located in the Rosewood neighborhood of Eureka, CA. We are tucked between the Henderson Center and the Eureka Municipal Golf Course. This busy little street that runs though our neighborhood and includes hundreds people, families, and pets, a corner market, an elementary school, an assisted living center, an auto repair shop, and two churches.

SLOW the Fstreet DOWN

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The Rosewood Neighborhood is a highly used entry/exit to and from Eureka. It is estimated that roughly 4,200 northbound & 4,900 southbound vehicles travel through this street daily. Collaboratively, neighbors have expressed their vision for the area as a welcoming entrance to Eureka as well as an extension to the Henderson Center. This vision includes re-engineering the street with proven traffic calming techniques such as connecting with the City of Eureka’s plan to install bike lanes, adding lots of trees, street murals, cross walks, chicanes, bulb-outs, a parklet in front of the Handee Market, beautiful “Welcome to Eureka” signs, a footbridge, and other possibilities that would create a unified neighborhood. 


F Street is unique because it crosses city and county jurisdictions in Humboldt County, and by route of Herrick, it connects to the waterfront from both ends. The Rosewood Neighborhood does not have any parks, so if F Street was safe, more neighbors would be inclined to get more fresh air and exercise, walk or bike to the Henderson Center, check in on their neighbors, and maybe even let their children walk to Grant Elementary – without getting in the car first.


Further, in the spirit of getting to know your neighbor, we hope to provide education and outreach to break down barriers between people who we perceive as different then us, and be more supportive of those around us. This area of Eureka is home to multicultural diversity, where residents are the elderly, their caretakers, children, homeowners, tenants, pets, and residents that identify themselves at varying levels of disability. We aspire to help people get out of their homes and work together, see each other, and talk with each other through neighborhood action and re-engineering of the area. We also aspire to affect those who are passing through by being their extended neighbors as citizens of Eureka, and help to shape attitudes and behaviors so that they can see us as themselves, each of us needing a safe space to live and thrive.


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The Slow F Street Group began in June of 2020, with neighbors attempting to engage with our county officials to implement safety recommendations from a 2011 Redwood Community Action Agency Walkability Study that focused on safe routes to school for a small area of the neighborhood. After County Public Works made plans without us to red-curb some elderly property owners out of access to their homes without implementing other recommendations from that report, we created a Facebook Group and a petition to stand up for our cause.

Additionally, we started an online letter writing campaign, and handed out form letters to neighbors along F Street. The letters written to the county provided the needed count to obtain appropriate services such as the safety light recommended in 2011.

Neighbors continued to talk with each other, raised funds for a safety campaign, and held a neighborhood kick-off event to get signage up in yards in order to educate those passing through that safety was needed in the area.

We have since met with city officials and had traffic enforcement improve.

We continue to hold weekly & monthly community meetings using Zoom.


What Have We Been Up To? 


  • Slow F Street – Facebook Page
  • STOPthe Eureka FStreet Super Corridor Letter Writing Campaign send your own online letter today
  • Petition – No Eureka FStreet Super Corridor Successful with = 242 signatures
  • KAEFNewsStory Aired August 6, 2020 – Rosewood + F Street residents interviewed about F Street concerns + experiences
  • Meeting withEureka City Officials Neighborhood volunteers met with Natalie Arroyo – Eureka City Council Member, Brian Gerving – Eureka City Public Works Director, and Brian Stephens – Service Area 1 Eureka Police Captin
  • SlowThe Fstreet Down Yard signs + bumper stickers created + ordered for F Street residents!
  • Slow The Fstreet Down Kick Off Neighborhood volunteers came together to give out yard signs & bumper stickers to educate the community about our neighborhood, while waving with signs to passing traffic. 
  • F Street Drive Pledge Neighborhood volunteers set up a table with information and an opportunity to take a pledge to drive slowly and safely in our neighborhood in exchange for a bumper sticker. 
  • We have written several grants in hopes of having Redwood Community Action Agency come on board and conduct an assessment of the area to determine what expanded safety needs the entire neighborhood requires since they last did a study for the school a decade ago.

Write a Letter

The residential areas of F Street have seen a dramatic increase in both the volume and the speed of traffic.

It is unacceptable that this corridor has become the de facto bypass around Eureka without public input or proper review and planning.

We who live in this neighborhood often see cars going nearly 50+ MPH in this residential area while semi-trucks, logging trucks and dump trucks use this as a bypass around Broadway/Hwy 101 creating noisy, unsafe conditions, and decreasing our property values.

We the community who has been effected by decisions impacting our neighborhoods demand:

  • City and county leaders meet with the neighbors in this area and immediately implement a plan to address these safety issues.
  • A consult with a professional third party, for unbiased, scientific studies of the area, and an update the Redwood Coast Action Agency Walkability Report that was conducted a decade ago.
  • Neighborhoods along the H/I Street, E/F Street, and Herrick Ave will be properly notified with timely notices BEFORE making decisions, having meetings, or making any changes proposed to the Eureka F Street Super Corridor.

The neighborhoods along this corridor have endured these conditions far too long. It is time that we are heard and our concerns are addressed.

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Get in Touch. Get Involved.

“Slow F Street,” “SLOW the Fstreet DOWN,” & No F Street Super Corridor” are a volunteer-run campaign to support neighbors in taking back control of their property and lives, while bringing awareness to those who travel through the area. The neighborhood is committed to working with the city and county to see that this residential street is made safer through education and traffic calming measures. 


Redwood Community Action Agency supports the Rosewood neighborhood in creating safe & liveable access to the Henderson Center for everyone.

Email Us: hello@slowfstreet.com